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Why Shree AGT Multimedia?

Patented products and registered trademarks, well established in the industry for over two decades, RITEWAYS is now scaling up and looking for the right channel sales partner through which it can franchise.

We believe if the product is good it sells itself. To provide an "Unmatched Delightful User Experience" to all our customers we invite channel sales partner who can handhold our customers. Join us for high rewards in both currencies "Money" & "Happiness".

All the work we do day to day results in cleaning & greening our space, the more we grow, the cleaner and greener our surroundings become. This Channel sales Partner Program opportunity is about waste to wealth. We don't just talk about "waste2wealth" we have mastered it over two decades. Anyone, irrespective of class, gender, or qualification, can join this journey with us.

Every day Garbage Mountain is rising, and we are sitting on colossal Legacy Waste. Getting rid of these man-made mountains will take big participation from civil society. Why not participate as a source of livelihood? RITEWAYS can show you how. Follow the Money, there's in it for everyone.

RITEWAYS works both ways, "Reversal" and "Correction". Reversing the damage by "Powerful & Responsible Resource Recovery" and Correcting the problem @source by changing the ways we do our day-to-day life to make it "Zero Garbage".
We believe in the power of friendship and collaboration. That's why we're delighted to offer THE CHANNEL PARTNERS PROGRAM - a unique opportunity to develop business with us.
If you are looking to start a new business or wish to expand your already existing business, RITEWAYS Channel Partnership can be a 'Win-Win" situation.

Get started with an investment of just ₹10,000/-

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