As the best Node.js development company, we create fast, scalable & real-time applications.

The best Node.js development company is ShreeAGT. It is simple to create high-performance applications with Node.js. Node.js met our expectations and makes work easier. It is simple to maintain and alter. Using Node, it is feasible to create a collection of smaller applications rather than a single, huge one.

Our Node js application development services are designed to maximize server-side and client-side efficiency. We can use event-driven and asynchronous APIs as a Node js app development business to create real-time web, mobile, and desktop applications, IoT, stock trading applications, and more. Contact us right away to learn more about our Node.js development plans and services.

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Next-gen Node.js Development Services to Meet Your Business Goals

With more than 15 years of expertise, we are a leading Node.js agency in India. To construct lightweight, scalable, and quick online apps, we provide worldwide clients with the best Node.JS application development services available. To take use of Node.js' strengths and create high-performing real-time web apps, outsource Node.js development solutions to ShreeAGT. Due to its adaptability, flexibility, and ability to change according to requirements, node.js is widely accepted by today's smart digital pace of enterprises. Our broad range of business-focused node.js web development services include:

  • Node.Js Custom Development
  • Node.Js Consulting
  • API Integration And Development
  • Node.Js Application Migration
  • Node JS Maintenance And Support
  • Node.js web Development
  • Node.js Product Development
  • Node js Blockchain Application
  • Nodejs Hosting Services
  • Node.js Plugin Development Services
  • Node.js API Development Services
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Why Choose NODE.JS for Web Development?

Node.js is well known for its incredible tasking capabilities when it comes to creating JavaScript-based programs. The best framework for web applications, Node.js, is supported by a sizable, vibrant, and rapidly growing community. The following are some reasons to choose Node.js web development solutions:

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

One of the quickest programming environments out there is Node.js. There are fewer lines of code needed compared to Java. Because of its quick I/O performance, users can use the framework for middleware communications, providing static files, and basic routing activities.

Easy Scalability

One of the finest solutions for huge organizations is to design web apps using Node.js because it is quick and scalable. Given that it is powered by a V8 engine, it has a very high processing speed, which may lead to a surge in traffic to web and mobile portals.

Superior Data Handling

Node.js provides faster solutions for Windows Nonstop, UNIX, and OS X servers as well as smooth data sharing, a strong backend, and these platforms.

Real-Time Web Apps

You may create multi-user real-time web apps with incredible authority and ease by using the node.js environment.


By using Node.js to create web applications, you won't have to shell out a lot of cash. Employers who use Node.js development now use less processing power to host web apps. Node.js is also faster than other frameworks, which lowers project costs overall by 56%.

Increase Developer Productivity

While designing apps with node.js, productivity increases dramatically since it takes much less time to combine the front-end and back-end into a single entity. As a result, less labor is needed during the entire development process.

Why Choose ShreeAGT for Custom Database solutions?

A trusted Node.js development company, ShreeAGT, is well renowned for solving modern business needs and offering the highest Node.js value and compliance. We value values such as swift invention and quick delivery. Node.js allows front-end and back-end developers to work together more efficiently.

Hire a team of your choice

We have a top-notch Node Js team because we are a leading Node Js development firm in Bangalore. Employ Node Js developers full-time, part-time, and hourly according to your needs.

Scalable projects

We create exceptional, faultless, scalable, and feature-rich Node Js web apps at a reasonable cost with a team of highly skilled Node Js developers.

Agile Procedure

We adopt the Agile methodology and regularly organise scrum events in order to optimise the procedures and processes and deliver the best results.

Customer-Centric Engagement Model

We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their needs and suggest the best technologies. To recruit our Node.js developers, check our engagement models.

Unmatched Performance and Speed

With faster loading time, you get an unparalleled user experience which also helps in search engine ranking and lead conversion.

Competitive Pricing

We give the best balance of low costs and great quality to provide the most competitive pricing in our market.

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Our SME will get in touch with you to find out more about your requirements and establish the project's parameters. We'll give you our project idea and a range of suitable participation models. We begin as soon as the contract is signed.

Node.js offers several advantages for creating online applications, such as greater productivity, rapid development, robust support, a wonderful way to integrate numerous microservices, and much more.

There are many benefits to hiring a top Node.js development company for your project. The key benefits include:

  • 1. Reduced operational and development cost
  • 2. Flexibility and adaptability to work in your time-zone
  • 3. Experienced and skilled developers
  • 4. Minimized development times
  • 5. High-quality services assured
  • 6. Implementation of advanced technologies
  • 7. Good understanding of various platforms

Several application types can effectively utilize Node.js. The best applications you can create with Node.js are listed below:

  • Real-time apps
  • E-commerce apps
  • Live streaming apps
  • Complex single-page applications
  • Social networking apps
  • Microservices architecture
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