Next-Generation Financial Technology Solutions for Improved Efficiency, Transparency, and Compliance

To increase customer happiness, our FinTech software services simplify your financial activities, transform conventional banking models, and build flexible financial interfaces. To ensure the timely delivery of your next-generation FinTech solution, you can make use of the promise of end-to-end FinTech software development powered by rising technology advances.

Leading custom FinTech software development firm ShreeAgt seeks to equip participants in the financial industry with specialized digital solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Our qualified FinTech programmers assist financial institutions in adapting to rapidly changing regulatory requirements as well as shifting consumer preferences. Our FinTech services for developing custom financial software include everything from thorough financial management to astute fraud detection and risk management.

Website Design

Website Design

End-to-End Fintech Software Development Services In this competitive era, creating world-class FinTech applications necessitates a technology partner who can handle the difficulties of comprehending business objectives, deciding on the ideal technology stack, identifying complexities, securing data, integrating emerging technologies, and adhering to regulatory compliances. Working with the correct FinTech Software Development firm becomes even more important as a result of frequent updates, the inclusion of new features, and fixes.

Utilize ShreeAgt's specialized, cutting-edge FinTech software solutions to strengthen your financial channels. With our specialized FinTech software development services, our FinTech developers help you redefine your capabilities, secure payments, and obtain business insights.

  • Peer-to-peer lending platform
  • Ewallet App development
  • Crowdfunding platform
  • Mobile banking platform
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Asset Management Platform
  • BNPL Platform development
  • Currency exchange platform
  • Equity platform
  • Lending app development
  • Banking app development
  • Investor and merchant onboarding
  • Robo advisory platform

Custom software development for FinTech

Our selection of services includes ones for blockchain solutions, personal finance, currency exchange, and fintech. Any financial web application or native mobile payment application can be built entirely from scratch by us, or we can take over the development of your current product. If you require White Label financial software for your clients, integration with currency exchange feeds, back-office development, extensions for currency exchange platforms, trading software, or modernization services, pick our team. You use cutting-edge technology while working with us.

Banking App

We are here to provide a helping hand to the rapidly changing corporate world by providing a seamless and futuristic banking app with alluring features and appealing UX for the business sector.

  • Easy Managing Accounts
  • Bill Reminders
  • Statement & Documents
  • Products & Services
  • Fixed Deposits & Interests
  • View Transaction History
  • Check account balances
  • Transfer Funds
  • Send & Receive Money
  • Secure Login

Finance App

For businesses promoting better financial planning and management, our knowledge and experience in the financial sector enable us to develop more than simply practical financial apps.

  • Stock Market Report
  • Online Stock Market
  • Financial Planning
  • Products and Services
  • Create/Edit Portfolio
  • Invoice Management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Market dashboard
  • News
  • Advanced Customize Setting

Payment Gateway

Users can perform transactions freely with the help of cutting-edge payment gateway integration services, and your e-commerce business will take off thanks to unmatched security features.

  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Encryption Standards
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Speed
  • Invoice Capabilities
  • Easy & Convenient to Use
  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • Choice of Language Selection
  • Fraud Detection or Management System
  • Cost or fee of conducting a transaction

Wallet App

Our specialists at the digital Fintech studio delve deeply into technology to create user-friendly financial wallet apps with all-in-one banking solutions.

  • Create a Virtual Card
  • Send and Receive Money
  • Pay your Bills Easily
  • Tokenization
  • QR Code Scan
  • Real-time Balance Check
  • Transfer Money into Bank Account
  • Discount Offers, Promos, and Loyalty Programs

Why Choose ShreeAgt Technologies for Fintech Services?

We have been developing and scaling Fintech over the last few years. The complexity of the Indian financial biological system is enhanced into APIs by the cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS). The complexity of the domain, administration, and innovation has been modularized into building components that provide utility through fundamental APIs.

Fraud Detection

Financial institutions can benefit from ShreeAgt’s fraud detection software in cases of money laundering, forgeries, theft, skulduggery, or other abuses.

Agile Approaches

Throughout the whole development process, we put the needs of the client first and work to deliver the finest solutions in shorter sprints. Throughout the app development process, we offer a safe and simple method.


We promise to deliver consistent and reliable code updates from our highly skilled fintech site improvement team, who adhere to several working norms to foster better collaboration, higher-caliber programming, and fewer opportunities to showcase.


We take care of the crucial stage activities that are crucial to the advancement of FinTech applications, such as information protection, server, and data set facilitation, internal correspondence group, encoded information transmission, safe installment door, and information security.

Real-Time Transactions

We are accountable for maintaining your online transaction history without losing any data. Our promise to give our customers access to their real-time transaction information by email and SMS fosters user confidence in receiving the most recent information on all transactions.

Effective Customer Support

We communicate with our clients through improvement interaction for ongoing feedback, transmitting arrangements by the client's requirements. We deliver FinTech solutions supported by clever tools to create a positive impact on your business.

Tech Stack.

Our skills go well beyond industry knowledge and include mastery of the cutting-edge tech stacks needed to create amazing Fintech software products. We make your customized software solutions stand out from the competition by keeping the most recent frameworks at their heart. ShreeAgt makes use of contemporary technologies to maintain the most up-to-date financial technology software and provide all essential features. To orchestrate the best Fintech software available, we use the frameworks listed below.


The Fintech industry has come a very long way to become the most progressive and valuable sector of the economy.

Our best guess for the financial technology sector's future is that it will mix with disruptive technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide users with a superior experience.

Simplicity (It must be easily understandable by the user).

Quick transactions (All the transactions in the application must be fast and smooth).

Security (All the transaction-related data must be double-secured).

Depending on the project or type of developed fintech software, the payment procedure for those services can change. Typically, the software development process begins with a down payment and continues with payments based on milestones. Final payment is received following delivery and approval of the finished product.

The process of financial app development is typically organized in the following way:

  • 1- Start with the research
    The group would come up with ideas for helpful features, technology, and other implementations. Following the collection of this data, the project scope can be generated, indicating the overall project's timeframe.
  • 2- Create a prototype
    As soon as the features are chosen, you may move forward with developing an MVP or prototype for your project. You will gain a better understanding of your product's marketability thanks to this. A prototype's purpose is to assist you in developing a product that accurately captures the app's USPs.
  • 3- Design and development
    Working on the application's UI/UX is the next step. The developers of fintech apps make sure that the app has simple navigational features and provides a wonderful user experience by properly implementing a suitable set of features.
  • 4- Testing
    To verify that an app is free of bugs and has no crashes or glitches, testing is an essential step in the app development process. Your financial app can only launch after thorough end-to-end testing.
  • 5- Deployment
    When all of the testing procedures have been completed, you are finally ready to launch your app in the app stores at this final stage of the app development process.

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