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A leading global provider of educational app development is ShreeAgt. To advance in the education sector in this day and age, you need the greatest educational app development services, and we can assist you with that. We have a skilled group of education app developers on staff who can offer a solution in line with current educational trends.

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Our seasoned education app developers can offer you a unique online or mobile solution based on your demands, whether you're a student, an independent teacher, the director of an educational institution, etc. ShreeAgt promise to assist you throughout the entire process of developing an educational app, from planning through launch and support.

Last but not least, we pledge to create an eLearning solution that improves student learning and aids in your survival and success in the education sector. Custom software alters the paradigm of modern education while also providing new opportunities for financial gain and value addition for any sort of educational organization or individual teacher. We offer our customers solutions that automate manual tasks, and store, manage, analyze, and visualize data to enhance student academic performance and better manage the educational process.

Educational App Development Solutions

We provide comprehensive, dependable, and user-friendly educational app development solutions. We are experts at using educational apps to streamline and improve the educational experience. We are one of the top global providers of education application development thanks to our portfolio of services.

  • Corporate Training Apps
  • Induction and Orientation Apps
  • Employee Engagement Apps
  • E2c eLearning App Development.
  • Virtual Classrooms and Video Conferencing.
  • LMS Development
  • eLearning Apps for Disabled
  • On-demand eLearning Apps.
    • • Custom eLearning App
    • • School management solutions
    • • Ebook learning
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Educational App Features

ShreeAgt has extensive expertise in creating educational apps that are specifically tailored to meet individual needs. According to the market trend and your needs, we incorporate the greatest features into educational apps. Here is a list of some app features for education.

  • Efficient Content Management
  • Easily readable course material
  • Integration of forum, blogs
  • Online Examination Practice, Test Results
  • Multi-Platform Solution
  • Highly secure interface and data security
  • Easy App Administration and Maintenance
  • Secure transactions for online fees collection
  • Simple and advanced search criteria with easy navigation
  • Can add any number of courses, video, audio, images
  • Interactive messaging between student and tutor/teacher/lecturer
  • Completely secure login for students, staff, teachers, and management

Why choose an application development company for your business?

Your brand can be developed and awareness raised with the aid of an application development service. Your potential clients will feel more motivated to buy as long as you engage them. It might be a strategy for differentiating oneself from rivals. To keep users interested, the application design should be straightforward yet appealing. You can encourage loyalty with deals and discounts.

Your application might be the public face of your company because of its many features and simplicity of use. The correct application development company might completely alter your situation!

How can a top application development company help in the maintenance of an application?

  • Fixing bugs along with bug reporting/tracking
  • Improving product with updates and enhancement
  • Enhancing the performance of the application
  • System optimization and tuning
  • Designing new features using the latest technology
  • Updating the application to its latest specifications
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Technology Involve.

Powerful Custom eLearning Development Services

ShreeAgt can construct user-friendly, interactive, and goal-driven eLearning systems and platforms thanks to its extensive experience in LMS and DLP development. We design and build scalable solutions with a stronger focus on end users (students and educators). To meet the demands of both students and teachers, the team at ShreeAgt can provide a broad variety of custom educational solutions, including live conferencing, virtual classrooms, in-class collaboration, discussion boards, evaluation, tracking, and scheduling tools, among others. Additionally, we can connect your existing platform to third-party platforms and social media, as well as integrate payment systems and video chat solutions.

Using the most recent learning methodologies, such as gamification, social learning, blended learning, and interactivities, ShreeAgt has extensive expertise in offering educational app features. We can design custom apps to meet your specific L&D requirements.

We don't simply focus on conception, development, and launch when developing our educational applications. To enable new developments and features, we offer extensive round-the-clock app support and maintenance services. With the help of ShreeAgt's educational app development services, your eLearning solutions will always be mobile, current, competitive, and profitable.

Being a well-known developer of educational apps, MindInventory is known for meeting modern business needs and providing best-in-class solutions at a reasonable price all over the world. Here are some reasons why choosing us to create educational apps is the best option:

Dedicated resources

We provide dedicated resources at cost-effective rates Serving Clients across the globe We serve clients around the world with all our dedicated resources 100 % Customer Satisfaction We work on the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver you user-friendly, scalable, secure, and new business solutions Integrity & Transparency We respect your ideas and vision, provide you with every small project detail regularly, and consider your worthy advice when and as needed Flexible Engagement Models Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer flexibility to our clients.

Agile procedure

We work on the agile methodology and conduct frequent scrum events for optimizing the practices and methods for the finest results.

Modern Edge Technologies We Use to Develop eLearning Apps

We are a leading education app development company that holds expertise in providing eLearning solutions integrated with the latest technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

With prominent educational mobile app development services, our AI solutions help in tracking progress reports, enabling voice recognition, and a lot more.

Big Data

With the incorporation of Big data analytics, you can make learning more insightful through performance tracking, daily reports, etc.


Blockchain integration to our eLearning app development solutions helps in the secure and authenticated convention. This also alleviates data threats and other cybersecurity issues.


While offering education mobile app development services, our educational app developers follow directives such as SCORM, AICC, and xAPI to support virtual solutions.


Popular technology like Alexa has the potential to revolutionize the education sector. We incorporate several Alexa abilities into apps to help you expand your audience and give pupils a better learning environment in the classroom.


While educational application development is a complex process, you can take care of certain factors for successful development such as:

  • • Determination of the Goal
  • • The Purpose Served by the App
  • • Keeping Resources Aligned with Expectations
  • • Reflecting on the University Brand
  • • Testing the App
  • • However, for a detailed process, you would need technical expertise from education app development services. Talk to us to get started.

The one-stop shop for all educational learning app solutions is ShreeAgt. To give you the product you want, our team of knowledgeable and competent developers, designers, QAs, and testers will collaborate. To discuss your concept with us, all you need to do is contact us.

  • • We provide 24x7 tech support in case of bug fixings and suggest the best solutions being there in your shoes.
  • • We understand your visions and goals to provide the best out of the market and make customized solutions that are just unique for your business.
  • • Moreover, if you hire our team, our developers can work at your time that eradicates timezone gaps.

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