With customers all around the world, ShreeAGT Elastic(ELK) Stack Solutions provides ELK stack usage and development services. Some of our customers use Crest's ELK applications to monitor the servers, storage, and switches in data centers, while others use them to build sophisticated knowledge for security breakthroughs in the areas of the system, endpoint, access, malware, character, and weakness.

ShreeAGT contributes as an Elasticsearch development business, working devotedly to provide the best services possible. Our Elasticsearch specialists work on any requirement that our client has, from development to support and maintenance. With Elasticsearch's distinctive document-oriented methodology, our team Customized elastic search as an expedient and improved search-based technology for a great corporation.

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ELK Stack Development Expertise

Hire one of our experienced Elasticsearch Consultants, who will create the best search system utilizing Elasticsearch and suit your clients' needs. To put in place a fantastic search system for your application, utilize our all-encompassing Elasticsearch solutions.

  • Custom ELK Stack Application Development
  • Elastic(ELK) Stack Consulting Solutions
  • ELK Stack Migration
  • ELK Stack Integration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Strategy Consulting
  • ELK Data Dashboards & Visualizations
  • ELK Stack Plugin Implementation
  • Kibana Implementation
  • Logstash & Beats Implementation
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Business Benefits of ELK Stack Development

Our ELK Stack consulting solutions are designed to operate in real time and are open-source, highly scalable, and distributable. In a variety of formats, it can find and index documents. It offers flexibility and scalability in dispersed contexts and works well. It provides many query DSLs and APIs to expand searchable capabilities.

•  Manage Large Data Volumes

ELK Stack services can do the required search data throw within 10 microseconds, as opposed to other conventional SQL DMS that take longer than 10 seconds. It can handle the burden of the large number of data that you would want to save on this platform in addition to being speedier.

•   Cost Structure

When it comes to storing enormous amounts of data, the development of the ELK Stack offers significant economic advantages. This platform can also identify more effective company practices. putting a lot of data on a single platform and not relying on external systems.

•  Value Propositions

There are a few benefits that consumers of ELK Stack services can enjoy. It enables you to analyze data graphically via graphs, improving your comprehension of different organizational elements. A variety of plugins are also available that make it easier and more enjoyable to perform data analysis. The same code can run simultaneously on thousands of servers as well as on one single computer.

•   Customer Relationships

A major company has to manage millions of documents from many users. The user receives notifications of significant occasions and events, and through categorization and reports, the user assesses customer preferences. On your website and other mobile apps, customers would appreciate the option of self-service. Along with lowering support costs, it also results in greater customer satisfaction and retention rates.

•  Customer Segments

If a business has numerous clients or users, they should probably be saved in various server pockets. A user will only be able to access the papers that belong to them when you segregate a sizable portion of the documents. Each user can access their unique index. It could result in numerous indices. For better speed, it is preferable to construct a single, larger ELK Stack services index.

•   Revenue Streams

Businesses realize higher sales, ROI, revenue, and improved customer experiences thanks to the quick performance and simple scalability. Elastic Cloud reduces search speed by half thanks to its local storage capabilities. Product promotions can be easily highlighted by businesses. Customers may be informed about any event, offer, etc. It boosts income streams and performance.

Why choose ShreeAGT ELK Stack Development Solutions?

To support your Elastic Stack efforts, our best-in-class engineering team can offer reasonably priced bespoke development. We'll also use our extensive knowledge of the retail, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics industries to make your Elastic Stack project stronger. The value of your Elastic Stack projects will be swiftly realized by your firm thanks to rapid prototyping using Agile methodology. Every type of business can be handled by our team of experts. Regardless of how quickly you develop, we can still assist you!

Experienced Consultants

Our experienced consultants have been working on Elasticsearch Consulting for more than 4 years and are quite knowledgeable about it.

Day-to-day reporting

To ensure seamless communication between the client and the developers, we provide daily reports to our clients.

95% On-time delivery

Due to our expertise with the Agile methodology, we have consistently delivered products 95% on schedule, which is an impressive track record.


We will provide our services at reasonable rates so you can save money on consultation fees and we can focus on outstanding projects.

Agile methodology

By using the Agile technique, we guarantee smooth delivery, deployment, testing, and iterative development.

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After the project is over, we continue to offer free assistance. After that, we offer a small fee.

A single searchable index can be created from server logs from many complex cloud settings using the centralized logging capabilities provided by the ELK Stack. This facilitates security monitoring and root cause investigation since data from several sources may be connected.

Log analytics, application performance monitoring, security monitoring and analysis, and business information analytics are common use cases for the ELK stack.

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