Our custom database development business, ShreeAGT, has led the way in using cutting-edge paradigms, technologies, and methods for creating high-performing systems. Our skilled database designers and engineers, which include Microsoft-certified professionals, create and manage cloud databases and other customized data systems to streamline business processes, improve operational and administrative performance, and optimize efficiencies to address particular business challenges in niche markets like healthcare, finance, insurance, and real estate.

Both conventional relational database systems like MSSQL, MySQL, and Oracle as well as cutting-edge NoSQL technologies like MongoDB, Cassandra, and CouchDB are expertly handled by ShreeAGT.

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We Develop Custom Database Solutions

Every aspect of database management must be carefully planned, arranged, and developed to maintain and create a database management system (DBMS). All database development services are covered by us, from advising to its creation.

  • Database consulting services
  • Database optimization
  • Database Upgradation & Migration
  • Ongoing support & Maintenance
  • Testing Services
  • Data preparation
  • Custom database development services
  • Custom database development
  • Database Application Development
  • Database Reporting
  • Database as a Service
  • Data warehousing

Custom Database Development Solutions

Our database software development team can create high-performing, strong database solutions from the ground up so that you can store your data in a dependable and completely safe ecosystem.


For end users to simplify maintenance, updating, and report generation, our custom database development team can construct database solutions.


We can assist you in developing effective data warehouse systems that protect data integrity by immediately spotting discrepancies and providing insights.


Work with ShreeAGT database developers to provide distributed database solutions for effective database administration.


Use analytical database solutions' enormous ability to do complex data analytics.


We'll work with you to develop dependable operational database software that enables real-time editing of crucial data.


We offer external data management solutions where high performance is required as part of our database design and development services.

• We Leverage Leading Database Software Tools

To develop a solution that satisfies your data-driven objectives, we leverage the strength of well-known database-as-a-service (DBaaS) providers.

• Microsoft SQL Server

To extract, store, and convert crucial data, we connect the Microsoft SQL Server data platform with your already-existing business processes.


We make use of AWS's comprehensive portfolio of data services to promote efficient internal communication.

• Microsoft Azure

We connect your company's business applications to Microsoft Azure to improve consistency and productivity throughout all of your company's workflows.

• MongoDB

By integrating MongoDB with your current apps, we can automate emails, store crucial data, and build efficient workflows that boost productivity.

• Oracle

We use Oracle to accelerate the connectivity of your current business systems using built-in best practice integrations and business accelerators.

• IBM Cloud

We integrate IBM Cloud into your systems to automate data and application flows, enhancing the user experience for both clients and staff.

The Benefits of DevOps

DevOps offers several advantages, including:

• Faster time to market

Faster software development lifecycle means you’ll benefit from continuous delivery and a faster time to market. That means you’ll collect user data and feedback sooner, and you’ll establish a stream of revenue sooner.

• Better communication and collaboration

With an appropriate DevOps model in place, your team will master the arts of collaboration and communication. You’ll be able to communicate ideas more clearly, and implement them more efficiently, ultimately resulting in less strain and more efficiency.

• Improved software quality

Implementing a DevOps culture also tends to produce better-finished products. Your operations teams will become more efficient in the way they manage infrastructure, how to implement configuration management, adapt to new information and communicate clearly between security teams and other stakeholders. With all the right DevOps tools to help with rapid deployment at a higher quality, you can expect DevOps success with each software project.

• Efficient software development

Thanks to agile development processes, your entire development team will better introduce automation, and a variety of tools meant to streamline software development, your IT team will work more efficiently—and you’ll save money in the process.

Why Choose ShreeAGT for Custom Database solutions?

We at ShreeAGT combine our in-depth knowledge of the Internet of Things with our experience developing database software to enable you to take use of the best of both worlds. To provide the highest level of efficiency, we are experts in every aspect of creating custom databases. High-level programming continues to be our main priority, along with effective teamwork and client communication. We provide thorough database solutions that satisfy your company needs thanks to the extensive database knowledge and experience of our development team. The design, programming, testing, delivery, and deployment phases of a development process are all our responsibility.

Custom Governance Model

For your peace of mind, a flexible and transparent collaboration strategy based around your deliverable schedules.

Save Time

An average dedicated team takes 2 weeks, not months, to start

Leading Database Technologies

Our data engineers stay on top of the latest technologies to ensure the high performance of deliverables. We harness the power of popular database tools, including AWS, MongoDB, Oracle, and others.

Effective Customer Support

We communicate with our clients through improvement interaction for ongoing feedback, transmitting arrangements by the client's requirements.

Variety of Services

We are ideally situated to handle any project request, whether it be for a sophisticated DWH or end-user database. Our business offers a complete range of database services thanks to a broad skill pool and a variety of tech stacks.

Personal Approach

Our database design services vary depending on the particulars of your project for each client. We design unique database software to provide your company with a boost in strength and intelligence.


Customized database development services are required to program the database to meet your unique business requirements, to enable organizations to use data to accelerate business decisions, and to design workflows that are as efficient as possible.

Planning, gathering requirements, conceptual design, logical design, physical design, construction, implementation and rollout, and support are the eight main steps in the database development process.

Certain relational databases, like PostgreSQL, several NoSQL databases, including MongoDB, Cassandra, and InfluxDB, and specialist IoT solutions, like Azure IoT, are the most often used databases for IoT.

Six stages make up the database life cycle. They include the initial analysis of databases, database design, loading and implementation, testing, operation, as well as upkeep and evolution.

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