If you’re searching for skilled PHP programmers/developers on the CodeIgniter framework, you’ve got landed on the proper page. ShreeAGT is one of the best offshore CodeIgniter development companies in India to provide reliable offshore CodeIgniter services to customers globally. our experience gives us weight on operating with CodeIgniter PHP framework to make rich internet applications.

As a leading CodeIgniter Development Company, ShreeAGT offers comprehensive, secure app and solution services. Our professionalism and ROI-centric approach enable us to provide clients with excellent digital solutions surpassing their expectations. Our expert CodeIgniter developers can develop robust, functional solutions without hassles and delays. We are keen on developing CodeIgniter apps that perform well consistently.

Website Design

Website Design

CodeIgniter development services for your business

We assist our clients in creating scalable, effective PHP programs using the CodeIgniter framework for all of their business needs as one of the top providers of CodeIgniter development services. We can create custom, dynamic websites and applications using PHP thanks to our experience with CodeIgniter web development services.

  • CodeIgniter debugging and refactoring
  • CodeIgniter content-management system (CMS) development
  • CodeIgniter integration services
  • CodeIgniter application migration services
  • CodeIgniter portal development
  • CodeIgniter upgradation
  • CodeIgniter maintenance and support
  • CodeIgniter Web Development
  • Codeigniter Framework Development
  • Codeigniter Web App Development
  • Custom Codeigniter Development
  • Codeigniter Mobile App Development
  • Codeigniter API Development
  • Codeigniter eCommerce Development
  • PHP Codeigniter Development
  • Codeigniter Extension Development
  • PWA Development


Full-featured PHP-based software applications are made using the open-source, extensible CodeIgniter framework. Applications created with the CodeIgniter PHP framework operate very quickly, and it enables programmers to create small- and medium-sized PHP apps quickly and with little setup.

Our CodeIgniter (CI) development team is skilled in PHP programming and development and has created a wide range of PHP framework-based projects. We frequently use this PHP framework to create unique PHP CodeIgniter applications and solutions that assist you in effectively meeting your commercial objectives. We make excellent use of its built-in libraries and tools, which enable us to quickly construct the application you need. Our greatest asset is the quality of our programming.

Built-in Packages

The built-in tool packages in CodeIgniter make it simple for developers to make changes to the web application.

MVC architecture

CodeIgniter, which is based on the MVC architecture, enables developers to create websites and web applications quickly.

Easy bug resolution

The CodeIgniter framework is renowned for its superb error-handling capabilities and developer friendliness.

High Security

The CodeIgniter framework makes it easier to create scalable and highly secure websites and online apps.

Easy to customize

CodeIgniter is an open-source framework that enables developers to quickly alter the solution at every level.

Why Pick ShreeAGT for Your CodeIgniter Web Development Requirements?

Being a leading provider of CodeIgniter development services, our specialists adhere to the industry's best practices and coding standards to produce solutions of the highest caliber. The abilities and experience of the developer who creates your website or web app are most important to its success. Top CodeIgniter developers with experience in developing clever and original solutions make up the ShreeAGT team. Regardless of the size of operations, our professionals have worked on numerous projects for various sorts of sectors.

Experienced Team

To help you with all of your needs, we have a team of skilled PHP experts with experience in CodeIgniter development.

Transparent approach

With effective project management, you can keep track of the development of your project and use a single point of contact to provide insightful comments regarding the direction of your company.

Impeccable Support

Our customer support team tirelessly attends to all of our client's needs, from maintenance to problem-solving.

Agile Development Approach

Throughout the application development process, we put a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. We also work to give the best Codeigniter development solutions in fewer sprints. To enhance our customers' business value and ROI, we employ a team of talented engineers, certified scrum masters, and product owners. For the improvement of our products, procedures, and services, we employ a continuous feedback and improvement method.

Client Engagement

Throughout the Codeigniter web development process, we gather feedback from our clients so that we may create solutions that meet their needs. We work hard to provide the best solution to have a positive effect on your organization through ongoing client involvement.

Rapid Development

No matter how complex, our fearless CodeIgniter developers can quickly create a high-quality CodeIgniter application.

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The benefits of CodeIgniter PHP Framework are:

  • Easy configuration
  • Reliable and prompt functioning
  • Error-free solution
  • Open-source PHP framework
  • Search engine friendly
  • Optimal security
  • Easy testing

CodeIgniter Features are as follows:

  • Model-View-Controller Based System
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms
  • Query Builder Database Support
  • Form and Data Validation
  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • Session Management
  • Email Sending Class

being a renowned Indian CodeIgniter development agency. We aim to produce outstanding work using our dependable and superior solutions. Your project will go through numerous stages, including development, design quality testing, assurance, and simple deployment, after you have signed an NDA with us. delivers the finest outcomes for you as a consequence.

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