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Dugdhalaya ERP Solution

Dugdhalaya ERP Solution

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Skye link

August 23, 2017

Skye Link

Skye Link provides professional drone services through a highly qualified network of commercial drone pilots for aerial photography, videography, imaging, and other projects.

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  • Review Proposals
  • Hire The Right Professional



May 07, 2019


AuraShots is a division of AuraKomms Media Pictures Pvt. Ltd. It is a stock photo e-commerce portal which has a huge collection of classic Indian Images. It is the brain child and founded by Surendra Gupta based in Mumbai, India.

  • Computer
  • Celebration
  • Shopping


Muskan Enterprises

May 07, 2019

Bagad Properties

Established in 1990, Bagad Properties cemented its position as the leading land and real estate developer in Nashik. Over the last 30 years, we successfully developed and managed Residential Apartments, Commercial Premises, and Land Development projects.

  • Construction
  • Nature Bliss
  • Blue Bells


Dugdhalaya ERP Solution

September 05, 2017

Lyth Design

Like a joint that binds and supports movement, we at lyth hope to link and bring the world together with design. Be it architecture, interiors, a product, art or just a simple graphic, the boundaries of design are limited only by the power of imagination. The aspiration at lyth is for the spirit of design to conquer all limitations and soar to its fullest potential.

  • An integrated system that operates in (next to) real time, without relying on periodic updates
  • A common database, that supports all applications.
  • A consistent look and feel throughout each module.


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